What is Recruitment?

We help you to source and attract the best talents for your company by monitoring the recruitment process on your behalf and keep you compliant with the minefield of the employment laws.

What are the benefits for you?

You concentrate on running the day to day tasks of your business while we source your people.

We keep you up to date with the progress on a regular basis.

We monitor recruitment agencies on your behalf if we consider it necessary to find the right person.

You pay on advertised salary so if you find the ideal candidate at a higher salary you will not have to pay more for our services.

How do we deliver?

Vacancy Advertising Service

To give you the best description of the service here is an outline of the process: It is achieved using a combination of MA Consulting technology and expertise; The client would complete an online vacancy form detailing the particulars of the position.

The client would produce the text for a job advert as part of the above process (alternatively MA Consulting can produce the text for a job advert as a consultancy service). MA Consulting would distribute the job advert to the online job boards and forums it judges to be most suitable for the type of vacancy. All responses to the job advert would be automatically acknowledged.

The acknowledgment to the candidate would contain a link to a secure webpage where the candidates’ details and structured information about the candidate for him/her to validate.

We will present to the client all responses to the job advert, with each CV and as much possible information e.g. name, address, telephone number, skills, etc. as has been extracted.

Talent Pool Service

This service consists of before commencing the Vacancy Advertising Service; the job details are matched against the database of candidates that have previously applied to that client. Any suitable candidates are notified and invited to apply for this new position.

All candidates that do, as a result, apply are forwarded to the client with full details plus any historical information of relevance. Vendor Management Service There are occasions when using an agency is the most appropriate course of action. However to reap maximum benefit from the agencies it is important to control the flow of information to and from the suppliers.

This service would be as follows; MA Consulting would manage the release of the vacancy details to appropriate agencies. Applicants submitted by the agencies would be channeled to the client having ensured that the required data about each candidate is provided.

MA Consulting would manage the interaction between the agency and the client associated with the selection process. MA Consulting would administer the communication between the agency and the client associated with the offer process.

Candidate Filtering and Ranking Service

This service uses a combination of MA Consulting’s technology and expertise; Firstly, the Applicant Sourcing Service and the TalentPool Service is/are delivered, as above.

Before giving the responses to the client, they are automatically filtered and weighted. The filtering flags unsuitable candidates based on certain criteria defined by the customer. e.g. location, work permit status, etc.

Unsuitable candidates are automatically notified of the outcome of their application. Unsuitable candidates are passed onto the client under separate cover from the suitable ones. Suitable clients are then weighted based on some pre-agreed criteria e.g. skills, location, availability, salary expectations, etc. Thus allowing to the customer to consider the highest weighted candidates first.

Assessment Centre Service Given

MA Consulting’s technology and expertise, it is again possible to distil this process into the following service; Firstly the Applicant Sourcing and Applicant Management Services are delivered as above. Then all suitable candidates are invited to be assessed.

The assessment may consist of all or some of the following assessment services. Online Assessment consists of the candidates sitting any number of technical, psychometric and aptitude tests with the results being logged against each candidate.

Telephone Assessment consists of a structured telephone interview of each candidate being conducted by an experienced consultant with the results being recorded against each candidate. Interview Assessment consists of a formal face to face interview being carried out for each candidate by an experienced consultant. (MA Consulting does not guarantee that the Interview Assessment will be conducted in any or all cases)

Applicants that do not meet the pre-agreed criteria are notified. All unsuccessful candidates are passed onto the client with reasons why they have failed. Candidates that pass the appropriate assessment criteria are passed on to the customer with full information attached. The shortlisted candidates will be attending a full day session where their team approach and presentation skills will be assessed, and a full presentation of the client company will be made by the appropriate client staff. MA Consulting will facilitate the event.

Consultancy Service

Consultancy as required by the client to support the services covered by this agreement.


For the complete recruitment process using parts 1-5 here, you will be charged as follows. If you prefer, you can ask us to perform 1 or more of the five steps and we will pre-agree on a price for the project so you will have no surprises and will know exactly how much it will cost.

Advertised salary range at the beginning of recruitment process Charge note
0-10,000 1,700
10,001-15,00 1,850
15,001-20,000 2,750
20,001-25,000 3,600
25,001-30,000 4,500
30,001-35,000 5,350
35,001-40,000 6,150
40,001-45,000 7,000
45,001-50,000 7,500
50,001-55,000 8,500
55,001-60,000 9,000
60,001-70,000 10,000
70,001-100,000 12,500

Note: – This charge includes up to £100 for advertising e.g. job boards, forums, etc. Any amount beyond this will be charged separately, but only after customer agreement.

Should the candidate leave the clients employment within the periods of time specified below, MA Consulting will rebate to the customer on the charges they have paid. The scale for these rebates will be:

Candidate Leaves Within Rebate
Three weeks 100%
Four weeks 90%
Five weeks 80%
Six weeks 70%
Seven weeks 60%
Eight weeks 50%
Nine weeks 40%
Ten weeks 30%
Eleven weeks 20%
Twelve weeks 10%
Thirteen weeks 5%

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