Performance Leadership

What is Performance Leadership?

In the current economic climate, business is becoming increasingly complex. Customer expectations are higher and higher; you need your employees to be able to change their knowledge and skills quickly and raise their performance “bar”.

Leading-edge organisations are re-thinking their philosophies and human resources strategies to align their employees’ performance goals with their organisational vision, values, and strategic plans. These leading edge organisations are evolving from a single “overall” rating appraisal system to one evaluating their people’s profiles of strengths and needs for developmental areas. They focus on developing people behaviours/skills, introducing multi-source feedback systems and re-examining the mechanism for pay linkage, in other words, they embrace the performance leadership programme principles based on:

  • Applying continuous improvement to individual and team performance
  • Aligning individual efforts with business needs
  • Conducting real dialogues between the employee and his/her manager, not just processing a form
  • Defining common framework and measurement criteria for all employees
  • Looking at results and behaviours of people to deliver high performances, it is not about measuring personality traits
  • Maximising job fits and defining shared responsibility to avoid overlaps
  • Focusing employees on their current job requirements to achieve the expected results.

What are the benefits for you?

Your employees will feel being valued and adequately rewarded. They will understand what you expect from them both regarding business performances and behaviours, and they will serve your customers with enthusiasm, as they will be highly motivated. All the above will lead to:

  • High customer satisfaction and loyalty so your customers buy more from you and your profit increase
  • Your existing customers will be your best advocate and will recommend you to friends, and you will get new customers increasing your sales and profit even more.

How do we deliver?

We offer the programme in 2 phases:

first, all your managers and supervisors attend a workshop to understand the performance leadership principles and help them to describe their responsibilities and those of their employees, to recognise and be able to develop strategies for handling tough performance leadership situation and

in the second phase, they will receive coaching to deal with their employees through the three type of meetings they will have to conduct with their direct reports.

Phase 1:

Why should your organisation implement a performance leadership programme?

What are the benefits of a performance leadership programme for them and the organisation?

What Role they will play and what should they expect from their direct reports?

What is Performance Planning?

What are Progress Checkpoints?

What is the Performance Summary?

Who should do what in the above meetings?

How should they help their employees to look ahead to deliver the best results?

Phase 2:

Individual Coaching we will identify with each of your manager/supervisor whom they think they will have the most difficulties to deal with implementing the programme, and we will coach them through:

The Performance planning helping them to prepare for the meeting, Roleplay of the discussion on Goals, Behaviours, Job match and how to document the goals, Behaviours and job match for this individual

At the Progress Checkpoint, we will help them to prepare for the meeting, Roleplay the discussion and prepare the required documentation

At the performance summary time, we will assist them to prepare for the meeting, Roleplay the debate and prepare the necessary documentation

The Training and Coaching are applying the revised national standards for leadership and management, encompassing the key areas outlined below:

Managing self and personal skills

Providing direction

Facilitating Change

Working with people

Using resources

Achieving results


The costing suggested below, excludes VAT, and is based on our experience with our various clients. A typical programme would last 12 months. We would be willing to adapt and modify this work plan according to the customer’s needs and would prepare a detailed action plan agreed with the client at the outset of the project.

Project Management £1,500
Inception Meeting £750
Phase 1: The workshop £1,500
Phase 2: 3 individual coaching sessions per person £1,125
Travel and expenses include overnight and travel costs to daily sustenance for consultants pre-agreed and approved by the  client

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