Corporate Turn Around

What is Turnaround management?

Company Turn Around is about:

  • Taking a declining or underperforming business
  • Keeping it Alive by introducing a sense of urgency
  • Making it Viable by adding value

Company Turn Around is NOT:

  • Just about finance
  • Just about advising

It’s all about delivering!

Member of TMA UK
Turn Around Management Association

What are the benefits for You?

Five key dimensions how MA adds value to your organisation while managing the turnaround:

  • Objectivity in Sensitive Situations – Our consultants will be able to make tough decisions for the good of the company dispassionately
  • Seniority – Our consultants are more senior than the level required for their assignment
  • Accountability – Our consultants are “only as good as their last job” so they have every motivation to deliver results consistently
  • Immediacy and Flexibility – Our consultants can strengthen your workforce in the short term
  • Managing Crisis Situations – Our experts deal with the crisis while your workforce concentrates on day to day tasks

At the end of the project your debts will be restructured and affordable, your management team completely renewed and able to deliver sustainable growth and profitability. You can then decide to continue managing the growth or exit the company by selling it.

How Do We Deliver?

  • We have strong experience of building relationships with investors, financial institutions, and banks to find cash immediately.
  • We work with creditors to get their support and make the longer term.
  • We have strong experience working with board members and fundraisers.
  • We only succeed if the business succeeds!





It is difficult to give a price structure for a turn around project as every project is different and pricing has to be adjusted to the company’s ability to pay. Our fees are always  included in the recovery plan so you have no surprises at the end of the project. The fees are based on monthly retainers and bonuses based on performance.

Our remuneration is very flexible using milestones, performance bonuses, and potentially, equity stakes as part of a pre-agreed package.

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