Cash Management

What is Cash Management?

You want to secure additional funding to fuel business growth or to manage short-term cash flow problems, but finding your way through the finance minefield is a real headache. At MA Consulting we can help you to find your way out of this nightmare.

What are the benefits for you?

We have strong experience of building relationships with investors, financial institutions and banks to find cash immediately.

We work with creditors to get their support and build for the longer term.

As we are not emotionally involved we can see issues clearly, build and implement practical action plans, make tough decisions.

We have strong experiences of working with board members and fund raisers.

How do we deliver?

We work internally with the company staff to:

  • Prepare a short and honest description of the current business situation
  • Prepare a business plan based on the above, that takes the business forward
  • Present the business situation and plans to existing funders and get their buy in
  • Establish strong relationships with funders and seek their support
  • Prepare for each business unit short, medium and long term cash forecasts
  • Make the most appropriate use of working capital

We work with external stake holders:

  • Presenting the business situation and plans to banks and seek their support
  • Presenting the business situation and plans to creditors and seek their support
  • Explore all new innovative financing means like crowd funding
  • Look for potential new traditional investors
  • Spin off loss making parts of the business
  • Sell unused or unusable assets


It is difficult to give a price structure for a cash management project, as every project is personalised to the company, and pricing has to be commensurate with the company’s ability to pay. Our fees are always included in the business plan, so there are no surprises at the end of the project. The fees are normally based on monthly retainers and bonuses based on performance.

Our remuneration is very flexible using milestones, performance bonuses (percentage of money raised), etc, as part of a pre-agreed package.

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