Business Plan

What is a Business Strategic Plan?

Nowadays businesses are confronting fierce competition, more turbulent markets, more demanding shareholders and more discerning customers. In the past, change was sequential. Now, a multitude of changes are happening simultaneously and require cash to finance this rapid change and business growth

At MA Consulting we have a great experience of managing relationships with banks, financial institutions, traditional and new type of investors, We understand that having a business plan and a good reporting system help businesses to restore broken relationships with banks and help in reducing the interest rate charged.
So we have designed a model to help you to establish a strong 3 year business plan.

What are the benefits for you?

You will be able to:

  • Raise cash at an affordable interest rate
  • Restore or improve your relationship with the banks
  • Uncover tools and techniques to translate your vision into reality
  • Learn how to engage and motivate your colleagues and your staff to deliver the vision
  • Learn how to plan, measure and control the growth of your business
  • Understand your current situation and get recommendations on how to overcome some of your weaknesses but more importantly how to capitalise on your strengths to grow your business

How do we deliver?

We perform a full Business review of your company

We test your vision and develop appropriate strategies that are understood and supported by your team

We work with your team to develop a tactical plan of implementation that identifies the necessary steps toward achieving your team’s vision

Your team will also have identified the internal and external resources required to achieve the goals in the agreed time frame set out in the organisational road map

We translate those strategies into a 3 year financial plan

We help you to gain the ‘buy in’ from the financial institutions, banks or potential investors and raise cash


If you want us just to help you to put together a 3 year Business Plan we charge £ 7,500

If you want us to help you to put together a 3 year Business Plan and discuss it with your bank or potential investors to help you in raising cash we take 5 % of the money raised with a minimum of £ 9,000

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