Sales Training

What are the Sales Training Courses about?

The training courses are specifically designed for your sales force to give them the required knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully and effectively sell solutions based on the SPIN process .

The participant will learn to understand his clients’ needs and give them what they want.

The programme is a 3 days seminar it can be bespoke to your organisation if you have a minimum of 10 participants or you can send 1 of your sales person to a generic course.

What are the benefits?

  • The development of a cross selling  culture leading to:
    • Flexibility in internal change
    • Quick response to external change
    • Comfort and ease throughout the organisation with the challenge of change
    • Motivated sales people
  • Client loyalty
  • Increase sales and profitability

Benefits to the Individual:

  •  Enhances  self knowledge and personal accountability
  • Greater personal satisfaction and effectiveness
  • More proactivity and strategic planning
  • Greater understanding of and rapport with the organisation
  • Greater understanding of and rapport with the clients

How do we deliver?

Day 1

The 15 principles of selling
Situation Questions
Problem Questions


Implied needs
Implication questions
Need pay off questions
Explicit Needs

Day 3

Feature Advantage Benefits
Buyer Motivation
Effective listening
Body Language
Buying signal
Closing deals



The price is £600 per participant.

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