Distribution Channel Management

The Distribution Channels’ Management Programme:

Help you to understand what is the communication required with your Distribution Channel’s Partner / Distributor to:

increase your profit margin
generate new business through joint marketing
get valuable market intelligence out of the channel
respect and value the channel partner / ditributor’s entrepreneurial nature
make your channel partner / distributor an extension of your total sales team rather than treating him/her as a customer

The programme is flexible and is adapted to the needs of your organisation.

What are the benefits for you?

Benefits to the participant:

  • Enhances self knowledge and personal accountability
  • On going self evaluation for increasing success
  • Enhanced communication and ability to listen to the channel partner / distributor’s needs
  • Greater personal satisfaction and effectiveness
  • More proactivity and strategic planning
  • Greater understanding of and rapport with your organisation
  • Greater understanding of and rapport with their channel partners / distributors

Benefits to the organisation:

  • The development of a partnership culture with your Distribution channel leading to:
    • Higher profitability
    • Higher market penetration
    • Better market Intelligence
    • Higher established account relationships
    • Better inventory financing and product availability in the channel partner’s market place
    • Reduced product introduction, marketing and sales costs
    • Better product positioning

How do we deliver?

MA facilitates a workshop with the management team of your company to define your channel options, your distribution strategy, making channel decisions, and the selection criterion for who should attend the programme.

The team participate in:

1 x 2 day workshop and

3 x 2 hour coaching sessions for each participant


The participants will explore the role of technology in communication, discover how the tools and techniques drive different results and learn how to harness the power of planning to increase their results. They will cover:

  • The Channel structure and design process
    • Analyse customer needs for channel services
    • Establish channel objectives
    • Set channel tactics to implement your channel strategies
  • Developing a distributor relationship
    • 11 steps
    • Communicating with the Distributor
    • Types of possible conflicts
    • Key elements in constructing the distribution contract

Individual Coaching sessions

Individual Executive Coaching 3 x 2 hour sessions each

One month Gap for action and self-evaluation


For a typical team of 10 participants the price is £ 13,500.

If you want a programme designed specifically to your needs, we are happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.

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