The Inbound Marketing Programme

What is Inbound Marketing?

  • A Holistic Online Marketing strategy, based on data, designed to attract and convert visitors into customers through marketing communications that are personalized, provide relevant information and content but are not interruptive and maintain ongoing engagement through the whole sales experience.
  • Inbound Marketing is a consistently measured strategy that pulls interested customers to your company and creates long lasting relationships.
  • We use specific Marketing techniques designed for “inbound marketing.”

What are the benefits for you?

  • We shall leave you with an end-to-end inbound marketing strategy. You and your team will understand the goals and methodology and will have a plan to execute every aspect of this new marketing philosophy efficiently.
  • You will know how to transition your company’s focus toward your customers to help them solving their critical challenges – and delighting them with insight and education along the way.
  • Your ROI on Inbound marketing investment will be 3 to 4 times higher than the ROI on traditional marketing techniques

How do we deliver?


Inbound Marketing Process

  • We analyze who your customers are and what they need.
  • We help you to define detailed target characteristics of your customers to help your team members clearly visualize who they are serving, and then take serious measures to ensure you are using a target-centric approach in all your business decisions.
  • We Sell inbound marketing throughout your company, especially to, Marketing, Sales, IT, and the management teams
  • We define a communication plan of your goals and timelines and show you how to socialize your inbound successes. This interface will support cross-functional teamwork and emphasize inbound’ s benefits for your company.
  • We will determine what numbers specifically matter to your business’ bottom line, then define a tracking and reporting system on the key inbound marketing metrics that support these goals.
  • We will set mutual goals and responsibilities for marketing-sales alignment to develop a productive relationship between your marketing and sales teams by establishing concrete metrics and mutual responsibilities for both groups to hold them both accountable for results.


  • If you need us to review your customers and help you to plan your inbound marketing we charge £4,000 + depending on the number of clients and markets you operate in.
  • If you decided to use us to help you to implement some or all the recommendations, we should give you a quote based on your requirements and the planning will be free of charge.

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