Client Relationship Management

What is Client Relationship Management?

It is a customer service oriented programme, helping you to build valuable long lasting relationships with your key accounts to:

  • Make a measurable impact on your client’s business
  • Align your efforts with your customer’s business initiatives
  • Define and communicate your value
  • Help set and manage expectations
  • Create, develop, pursue, and win business that delivers mutual value

The programme is flexible, and we can adapt it to the needs of your organisation.

What are the benefits for you?

Create incremental revenue opportunities.

Provide clear direction to drive the activities of the “client” team.

Integrate new and virtual team members more efficiently.

Enable management to make informed investment decisions.

How do we deliver?

MA facilitates a workshop with the management team of your company to define who your strategic clients are, and the selection criterion for whom should attend the programme.

The team participate in:

3 x 2-day workshops and

3 x 2-hour coaching sessions for each participant


Day 1

Assess Current Relationship

Define value for the client

Day 2

Set value for you

Assess Client’s Culture

Analyse Client’s organisation

Day 3

Define Relationship Strategy

Develop and refine the plan


For a typical team of 10 participants, the price is £ 19,500.

If you want a programme designed specifically to your needs, we are happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.

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