Employment Law

What is Employment Law?

Small businesses, unfortunately, ignore best practices as shown in a recent survey by SME Review: inadequate employment practices are leaving millions of SMEs exposed to the risk of costly legal action.

  • 21% have no formal contracts for their permanent employees
  • 40% of firms have no formal, written HR policy
  • 46% have no formal health and safety policy.
  • 79% have no dedicated person to handle HR operations.

We deliver our services to our SME clients, helping them:

  • To be more efficient in managing their people,
  • To resolve conflicts within the workplace,
  • To keep them in line with employment law.

Employment law health check

What are the benefits for you?

Key Benefits:

  • Cost saving/cost avoidance.
  • Stay out of Jail
  • Access to experts in, Human Resource Management.
  • Alternate perspectives on working practices and methods.
  • Liberation of critical resources to work on other value-added activities.

How do we deliver?

  1. Helping clients to get the baseline/core HR documentation in place. In the majority of cases, this means creating an employee handbook and ensuring that consistent contracts of employment are in place for all employees. We keep this critical documentation up to date, incorporating any future changes in statutory employment legislation.
  2. Providing help when a particular issue arises (see some examples), offering step by step guidance, advice, and operational support. For example, for a “misconduct” this could include:
    • procedural guidance notes for all stages of the process
    • proforma templates:
      • suspension letter
      • invitation to a disciplinary meeting
      • form to record verbal warning
      • initial written warning
      • final written warning
      • dismissal letter
      • appeals hearing acknowledgement and decision from the appeals hearing
    • direct advice and support from an HR specialist, for example, this could include
      • preparing written warnings
      • onsite visits at key stages in the process, for instance at the disciplinary meeting


“Beprostaff “

Set up Fee £49

Number of employees Cost per month per Employee
1st to 10th £11
11th to 25th £6
26th to 50th £5
51st+ £4

the minimum monthly charge is £55

Prices for specific HR documents

Employee Handbook £500
Health and Safety policy £115
Recruitment Support £300
Contract of Employment £60 (£120 for directors)

HR Consultancy

Daily Rate Junior Consultant £750
Daily Rate Senior Consultant £1,100

Price: The agreement is for a minimum period of twelve months, “Beprostaff” is payable in monthly instalments and in advance, set up fee payable with the first payment. All prices exclude VAT.

Invoicing: The invoice will be produced at the indicated rate above plus VAT. The terms of payment are fourteen days from the date of issue. For “Beprostaff”, you will be invoiced immediately for the full year payable on a monthly basis.

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