Transition Plan

What is Transition Planning?

Our highly experienced team specialises in designing and implementing Transition Plans

What is a transition plan and when should you consider it?

  • You are a  startup, plan your transition to growth
  • Your company has reached a plateau, plan your transition to the next growth period.
  • Your business is declining, underperforming, in stress or distress situation expect to turn around and to restructure your organisation and debts.
  • You want to sell, transmit or exit your company, engage in succession planning and value enhancement

In this section, we address the transition to growth.

What are the benefits for you?

You will get a full report on your current situation.

We will give you recommendations on how:

  • To overcome some of your weaknesses and, or mitigating risks
  • But more importantly how to capitalise on your strengths to grow your business:
    • Understanding your customers and market dynamics
    • Optimising your processes and financial results
    • Financing your growth
    • Using the most appropriate latest technologies
    • Motivating and engaging your workforce in change
    • Collaborating inside the company and your “Ecoweb.”
    • Enhancing the value of your company

How do we deliver?

MA Portofolio





We will deliver to you a full report detailing the strategies, how they integrate with existing  programmes, and a detailed implementation and development plan for the cost of £ 6,000.

If you want us, to help you to put together a full  Business Strategic Plan we charge £ 7,500

If you want us to help you to bring together a  Business Strategic Plan and discuss it with potential investors to assist you in raising cash, we take 5 % of the money raised with a minimum of £ 9,000

If you want us to help you to deliver the whole program or some of the project where you do not have the necessary skills, we will agree on the level required for our involvement, and we will give you a quote.

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