Digital Life In Partnership with Keyso Global – The Eco Web

What is the Digital life and the Eco Web?

  • The eco web for each company is a unique map, of relationships and value transactions, that is as individual as DNA and as dynamic as the weather
  • The convergence of technology is facilitating the increasing pace of change within the “Ecoweb”, but it is also facilitating the monitoring and mapping of the relationships, influences, and transactions


What are the benefits for you?

  • You will get a unique report on your current situation in the digital world and identification of the main touch points.
  • We will give you recommendations on the main business strategies to focus and leverage the DNA of the “Ecoweb” to create value enhancement opportunities

How do we deliver?

  • Set goals – What degree of separation does the Client want to know?
  • Monitor interactions – Where are the nodes?
  • Find transactions that matter –How important is the node?
  • Identify supply demand, environment & funding nodes
  • Map interactions
  • Identify the competition “Ecoweb.”
  • Issue a report of finding


  • If you need a stand-alone “Ecoweb” assessment, we charge £6,000 + depending on what degree of separation you want to know
  • If you decided to use us to help you to implement some or all the recommendations, we would give you a quote based on your requirements and the diagnostic will be free of charge.

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