Business Review

What is a Business Review?

Nowadays businesses are confronting fierce competition, more turbulent markets, more demanding shareholders and more discerning customers. In the past, change was sequential, but now a multitude of changes can and are happening simultaneously. So a lot of businesses wonder how they need to perform in such an environment of rapid change.

At MA Consulting we carry out a full review of your business by interviewing all members of your management team, and we tell you how your company stands, not just in isolation, but in comparison with similar sized companies in your market sector.

What are the benefits for you?

You will get a full report on your current situation.

We will give you recommendations on how:

  • To overcome some of your weaknesses and, or mitigating risks
  • But more importantly how to capitalise on your strengths to grow your business:
    • Understanding your customers and market dynamics
    • Optimising your processes and financial results
    • Using the most appropriate latest technologies
    • Motivating and engaging your workforce in change
    • Collaborating inside the company and your “Ecoweb”
    • Enhancing the value of your company

How do we deliver?

We interview your management team using a structured questionnaire to cover 11 critical areas of your business, and a semi-structured questionnaire to understand your external environment.

We perform, in cooperation with a local University, a desk research on your market and the business environment in general.

We expect from you:

  • An open dialogue with our consultant
  • Access to key management senior players
  • Access to financial information
  • Access to marketing materials, presence online, process flow documentation

We leave you with a report that covers the following:

  • An Overview of your business external environment and your digital presence
  • Analysis of your main products and services currently offered to customers
  • A validation of your growth expectations
  • An appreciation of the effectiveness of your market penetration and marketing strategies
  • An analysis of the fixed costs structure
  • An analysis of your profitability
  • A review of the most critical issues the business is facing and potential strategies to overcome those issues
  • An analysis of your business culture
  • A benchmark of your business in 13 key business areas: Service, Sales, Marketing, Teamwork, Strategic Thinking, Cash Flow, Productivity, Profitability, Work vs. Personal Life Balance, Leadership, and Manufacturing, Digital life, Collaboration
  • Recommendations on how to improve processes, profitability, and cash flow


If you want a stand-alone Business Diagnostic, we charge £6,000.

If you decided to use us to help you to implement some or all the recommendations, we would give you a quote based on your requirements and the diagnostic will be free of charge.

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