Our highly experienced team specialises  in designing and implementing Transition Plans

  • What is a transition plan and when should you consider it?
  • The MA Consulting Planning Process

MA Planning Process

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Business Strategy

At MA Consulting we have developed a range of tools and processes to help our clients to plot the direction of their businesses effectively, in other words, their Business Strategies.

We assist you to:

  • Review your Business Performances
  • Strategically planning your future over the next three years by answering the following fundamental questions:
    •  Where do you stand?
    • Where do you want to go?
    • What do you do?
    • For whom do you do it?
    • How can you beat or avoid competition?
  • Transform your Vision to Reality VTR®  
    • Allocate your resources to pursue the business strategy, including capital and people
    • Define the tactics  to implement the business strategies
    • Develop your  “Business Strategic Financial Plan for the next three years
    • Find the necessary funds to finance your business growth
  • Digital Life and the Ecoweb In partnership with “Keyso Global”:
    • The eco web for each company is a unique map of relationships and value transactions that are as individual as DNA and as dynamic as the weather
    • The convergence of technology is facilitating the increasing pace of change within the eco-web, but it is also facilitating the monitoring and mapping of the relationships, influences and transactions
  • The MA Consulting Portfolio

MA Portofolio

Sales and Marketing

At MA Consulting we have developed a range of tools and processes to help our clients to open new markets and develop new ways of addressing their customer needs

  • The Distribution Channels’ Management Programme: help you to understand the communication  required with your Distribution Channel Partner/Distributor to:
    • increase your profit margin
    • generate new business through joint marketing
    • get valuable market intelligence out of the channel
    • respect and value the channel partner/distributor’s entrepreneurial nature
    • make your channel partner/distributor an extension of your total sales team rather than treating him/her as a customer
  • The Solution selling programme is designed to give your sales force the required knowledge, skills, and understanding of how to sell solutions successfully and more efficiently based on the SPIN process:

    • The participant will learn to understand his clients’ needs and give them what they want.
    • The programme is a three days seminar it can be bespoke to your organisation if you have a minimum of 10 participants, or you can send 1 of your salesperson to a general course.
  • The Client Relationship Management workshop is  a customer service oriented programme, helping  you to build valuable long lasting relationships with your key accounts to:
    • Make a measurable impact on your client’s business
    • Align your efforts with your customer’s business initiatives
    • Define and communicate your value
    • Help set and manage expectations
    • Create, develop, pursue, and win business that delivers mutual value
  • The Key Account Management workshop helps you to give an outstanding customer service to your primary accounts creating value for them through:
    • Enhancement of their Revenue / Profits or
    • Reduction of their  Present costs or
    • Avoidance of some of their Future costs
  • The inbound marketing programme is:
    • An online marketing strategy process, based on data, designed to attract and convert visitors into customers
    • A set of marketing communications that are personalised provide relevant information and content but are not interruptive and maintain ongoing engagement through the whole sales experience. A consistently deliberate strategy that pulls interested customers to your company and creates long lasting relationships.

Sustaining Change

What is sure about the future, is that it holds profound and unpredictable change MA Consulting Change Management Practice has been established to support and guide companies along the path of change management programmes and Human Resources techniques and technology.

  • Mentoring Services:
    • devising strategies to grow your business
    • setting  implementation plans  to sustainable change
    • advising on the necessary process and technology changes
    • finding cash to finance your  growth plan
    • You can implement the change yourselves, or if you prefer, we can mentor your team or act as change agents on your behalf.
  • HR Outsourcing services:
  • Succession/Continuity Planning
    • We are partnering with the exit planning company to deliver a comprehensive roadmap to exit a private business successfully.
    • Seventy percent of all business owners in today’s market plan to sell or pass their business on within ten years. But 76% don’t have an exit plan, and many do not know the value of their business.
    • A well thought out exit plan can:
      • Protect the legacy of your business;
      • Build value for your business;
      • Provide financial security for your family and your stakeholders;
      • Make it easier to deal with any unexpected events (illness, accident or death); and
      • Help to prepare you and your business for the future

Optimise Process

MA Consulting, in cooperation with Newport University, specifically designed  a Lean management programme to help our clients, through a series of workshops and individual coaching sessions, to:

  • Meet all your targets
  • Reduce costs
  • Give your customers the experience they deserve

While designing this programme, we kept in mind that some people in your company or delivering your services:

  • Fear change and, or loss of power
  • Are not quite comfortable with current practices
  • Demonstrate lethargic and negative attitudes toward lean management
  • Do not have time
  • Do not always show leadership in solving issues
  • The programme:
    • Stimulates thinking
    • Encourages participation
    • Focuses on outcomes relevant to individual participant’s situations

Superior Financial Results

At MA Consulting we have developed a range of tools and processes to help our clients to deliver better than expected financial results and to unlock your funding potential.

  • Cash Management:
    • Securing additional financing to fuel business growth or to manage short-term cash flow problems,
    • Finding your way through the finance minefield is a real headache.
    • We can help you to find your way out of this nightmare.
  • Company Turnaround:
    • Taking a declining or underperforming business
    • Keeping it Alive by introducing a sense of urgency
    • Making it Viable by adding value
    • Company Turn Around is NOT:
      • Just about finance
      • Just about advising
      • It’s about delivering
  • Business Strategic Plan:
    • Nowadays companies are confronting fierce competition, more turbulent markets, more demanding shareholders and more discerning customers. In the past, the change was sequential. Now, a multitude of changes is happening simultaneously and requires cash to finance this rapid change and business growth
    • We have an excellent experience of managing relationships with banks, financial institutions, traditional and the new type of investors
    • We understand that having a business plan and a good reporting system help companies to restore broken relationships with banks and contribute to reducing the interest rate charged.
      So we have designed a model to help you to establish a healthy three-year business plan.


  • Employment Law
    • Level 1 Employment Law on the internet
    • Level 2 Employment Law on internet and Employee management support
    • Level 3 Field Complex employment law advice
  • Commercial Law
    • Whether you’re a sole trader or running a small to medium sized business, there’s always some legal matter calling out for your attention. At MA Consulting in cooperation with Pinstripe Legal Services, we specialise in meeting all the commercial needs of your business efficiently thereby protecting you and improving your cost effectiveness and profitability.