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Being smart about your networking strategy to gain the most from it:

Wisdom is, knowing what is good and right, coupling intelligence and good judgment with smart planning and execution to create sustainable innovation.

A Social Network is the joining of people who share similar values, communicate their interests and experiences, desires, and motivations with each other, and unite for a common purpose.

Innovation is a modernization, improvement or advancement that yields pioneering, leading edge, transformation.

A Purpose is the desire and the resolve necessary to accomplish specific goals and is the reason for which something exists.

Joining The Network is sharing a common purpose of creating sustainable innovations & successful business transformations by blending our combined wisdom to achieve successful business transitions.

Sharing The  Networlding Principles


 Implementing Sustainable  Business Transformations

Work with clients and other consultants on value adding outputs:


Being an Integral Part of The MA Consulting Wisdom Network



Who are our Consultants?

At MA Consulting we cover all disciplines of Management Consultancy, and the whole of the USA and Europe.

All our consultants are business people, running their own businesses, and they understand that their livelihoods and reputation stand or fall on the standard and commitment of their work. The team is made of former Chief Executives / Managing Directors of blue chip companies, former senior managers with over ten years high-level management experience or consultants from prestigious consultancy firms.

They have all chosen to join MA Consulting because they recognise the industry leading service we provide when working as part of a mature and experienced team. We are proud of the expertise and experience of our consultants, but we are always looking for like-minded people to join us.

Where do you fit?

We are organised in 6 Practices to help our Clients:

MA Practices

We expect you to Share our Values

Put the people needs first in every situation.
Add value to our personal leadership.
Recognise we serve a common goal.
Taylor our services to meet our clients need.
Never take for granted the trust put in us.
Embody excellence in everything we do.
Respect everyone’s uniqueness.

Personal characteristics Required from our Partners?

  • Relationship builder
  • Facilitator of social and work processes
  • Caretaker
  • Communication designer
  • Able to Align structure, technology & task

Five key dimensions where MA consulting’s Consultants add value to their clients’ organisations

1. Objectivity in sensitive situations

We are not biassed by existing relationships, ideas or preconceptions in extremely sensitive cases. Whether the change is driven by growth or contraction, the client’s leadership team will face issues and challenges that stretch their resources. Change brings conflicts between stakeholders with conflicting personal agendas and presents an unnecessary distraction at a time when the organisation needs precision and collaboration. Our consultants are mandated to tackle problems objectively and thereby help the various senior stakeholders achieve the results they need for the business. For example, in situations of major re-structuring.

Our consultants can dispassionately make tough decisions for the good of the company.

2. Seniority

Our Consultants are highly qualified and experienced, a significant number of whom are former CEOs and MDs of blue chip companies, or former senior managers with at least ten years senior management experience. For example, a former Marketing Director may choose to offer to take on business development job, yet he/she is far more experienced than that, and therein lies the value. They’ve faced the challenges they commit to solving before, and they know the potential roadblocks and pitfalls they will encounter along the way.

Our consultants are more senior than the level required for their assignment.

3. Accountability

Our consultants are not only just advising, but they also implement and sit within the organisation, they are highly accountable. For example, if the client’s team is undergoing a turnaround project or a major change initiative, our consultants can scope and drive the projects through, rather than telling how they should be done and letting the client get on with it.

Our consultants are ‘only as good as their last assignment’, so they have every motivation to consistently deliver results.

4. Immediacy and flexibility

Business challenges – and opportunities – very often won’t wait. A few days can be “make or break”. At MA we can provide our clients with a consultant within 24 hours; that flexibility may be an advantage when the customer is hiring a permanent employee and need to wait for people to work out long notice periods before they join.

Our consultants can strengthen the client’s workforce in the short term, without committing to long notice periods or potential difficulties should there be a need to downsize at some point in the future.

5. Managing crisis situations

When a challenging situation arises, people are often expected to drop everything even critical client appointments. But that often isn’t practical. In times of crises, MA Consulting can send an expert who’s dealt with similar situations before and will therefore be able to provide expert guidance, allowing the client to get on with their normal workload. Many management teams throw themselves completely into crisis control, neglecting other critical initiatives in the meantime. What they don’t realise is that there may be an opportunity to have the problem taken out of their hands. Of course, they’ll still need to be involved, but the comfort and clarity of having an expert assuming responsibility can certainly lessen the burden.

Our consultants deal with the crisis, the client’s workforce concentrate on day to day tasks

What is MA Consulting International

  • An international company
    • Offices throughout Europe and the USA
    • A high profile internet promotional campaign
  • Established in 1993 under CNA international name; MBO by Welsh team March 2007
  • A highly qualified team of experienced experts in providing transition plans and solutions in all business sectors but particularly in the ‘Business of People.’
  • Focus on enabling our clients to transition successfully to the digital world to fuel their growth and enhance the value of their company so their business can easily sell  when times come
  • A Consistent Quality controlled Professional Services

Projects Examples

Conducted a strategy day at an Interior Design company to formalise the common goals and objectives for the year and then helped the company to implement a performance leadership programme to cascade the goals by department and individuals and a process for monitoring progress. As a result, the company multiplied their turnover by 2 in 1 year.

Helped The Managing Director and the management team of a software company to identify starting points, set targets, monitor performance, deal with staff members (positive feedback and disciplinary matters) and efficiently streamline the business. The MD says “I cannot emphasise enough that JB is not a ‘trouble-shooter’. JB did not come into Voyager Software as a consultant and tackle our issues for us. He ensured that I understood what I should be focussed on and why. Then he made sure the issues were addressed adequately – by me. During his mission period, Voyager’s costs decreased while the business grew and our profit for the year was up nearly three times that of the previous year”.

Championed a cost-reduction programme which delivered US$4million – included the rationalisation of all regional facilities from 18 to 11 and a reduction of 50 heads. Developed and implemented a customer care and image management programme for 750 manual workers within a major utility.

Combined ‘Lean’ and ‘Value stream’ management techniques to change £50million loss into profit situation within 12 months.

Prepared a succession plan for an air quality consultancy and proposed value enhancement initiatives amounting approximately to £ 400k on a present estimated value of £ 600k

MA Consulting Methodology

  • At the start of a project MA appoints:
    • A coordinator responsible for client’s relationships
    • A project leader responsible for delivery and results
  • Vision to Reality®
  • Plan Strategically
  • Implement Realistically
  • Organisational model

MA Consulting Support to Consultants

  1. MA Responsibilities
  2. The reward mechanism
  3. The price

MA Consulting Responsibilities to the Network

  • We Define the Overall strategy in participation with our consultants
  • We Keep the network “glued” and engaged using the most advanced communication technologies
  • We promote the Brand so our experts are proud of being part of a quality organisation
  • We manage regional and International promotion/ marketing funds
  • We develop Strategic alliances with Banks, Universities, etc.
  • We provide our consultants with a proven Quality system
  • We continuously develop new Services, Processes and Technologies in partnership with universities
  • We provide our consultants with Sales support and techniques
  • We Advise on and Sign off all Proposals and Reports
  • We Issue invoices and do the Credit control on behalf of our consultants and provide all admin support
  • We consistently Train and develop our consultants
  • We make timely payments to our consultants

MA Consulting has made a Conscious decision to go virtual

  • Our consultants are our Partners they work in 5 different practices in Europe and The USA from different premises
  • The Partners operate collaboratively on strategic projects globally
  • Being virtual is our unique and critical competitive advantage
  • Being virtual is saving carbon dioxide

The Challenge

MA Challenge

Managing the virtual process

  • Building and maintaining relationships, social aspects are essential
  • Maintaining presence in spite being remote
  • Generating information together
  • Co-creating shared realities
  • Allowing for planning and emergency
  • Concentrating on result not what people do
  • Bringing the informal to formal

How does it work?

MA Virtual world

  • Regionally distributed consultants requiring access to controlled data and information
  • Maintenance of communication between all MA Consulting consultants and staff
  • Requirement for client access to project data
  • Security of sensitive and confidential data and information
  • The need to conduct conferences and meetings while reducing the need to travel
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of the business

The Data

Ma Data

The Outcome

  • The ability for consultants to securely access data and information from any computer, smartphone  connected to the Internet
  • Capacity to conduct video conferences, meetings and on-line seminars
  • Improved cycle time for the production of project documentation and deliverables
  • The ability for clients to access their project data and information
  • Improved communication across the business
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of the business

The Reward

Example of £1,000 fee share:

Introduction fee within the network £100
Consultant delivering the service fee £540
Project leader fee £135
MA Consulting £225
Branding and Marketing £135
Overhead £45
Profit £45

The Price

Annual membership fee £500
Practice training varies from £3,000 to £15,000

Together we can make the future what we want it to be

If you are looking for a challenge and want to discuss how you could join us, and help to provide practical solutions to our clients, please fill in the form below and one of our team will contact you.