About Us

What is MA Consulting International?

An International Company

  • Offices throughout Europe and the USA
  • A high profile internet promotional campaign
  • Established in 1993 under CNA international name; MBO by Welsh team March 2007
  • A highly qualified team of experienced experts in providing transition plans and solutions in all business sectors but particularly in the ‘ Business of People.’
  • Focus on enabling our clients to transition successfully to the digital world to fuel their growth and enhance the value of their company so their enterprise can quickly sell when times come.
  • A Consistent Quality controlled Professional Services

What do we do for you?

Our highly experienced team specialises  in designing and implementing Transition Plans

  • What is a transition plan and when should you consider it?
    • You are a  startup, plan your growth and its funding.
    • Your company has  reached a plateau, plan your transition to the next growth period
    • Your business is declining, underperforming, in distress situation, plan to turn around and restructuring your organisation and its debts.
    • You want to sell, transfer or exit your company, engage in succession planning and value enhancement
  • How do we work
    • At the start of a project MA appoints:
      • A coordinator responsible for client’s relationships
      • A project leader responsible for delivery and results.
    • Vision to Reality®
    • Plan Strategically
    • Implement Realistically
    • Organisational model

How do we add value to you?

For each transition plan, we can call on the right specialists to help you, their clients:

MA Practices

The key dimensions where MA Consulting add value to your organisation are:

1. Objectivity in sensitive situations

We are objective as we do not have existing relationships, ideas or preconceptions in extremely sensitive cases. The client’s leadership team will face issues and challenges that stretch their resources either the change is driven by growth or contraction, Change brings conflicts between stakeholders with conflicting personal agendas and presents an unnecessary distraction at a time when the organisation needs precision and collaboration. Our consultants are mandated to tackle problems objectively and thereby help the various senior stakeholders achieve the results they need for the business.

For example, in situations of major re-structuring,

Our consultants can dispassionately make tough decisions for the good of the company.

2. Seniority

Our Consultants are highly qualified and experienced, a significant number of whom are former CEOs and MDs of blue chip companies, or former senior managers with at least ten years senior management experience.

For example, a former Marketing Director may choose to offer to take on business development job, yet he/she is far more experienced than that, and therein lies the value. They’ve faced the challenges they commit to solving before and know the potential roadblocks and pitfalls they will encounter along the way.

Our consultants are more senior than the level required for their assignment.

3. Accountability

Our consultants are not only just advising, but they also implement and sit within the organisation, they are highly accountable.

For example, if the client’s team is undergoing a turnaround project or a major change initiative, our consultants can scope and drive the projects through, rather than telling how they should be done and letting the client get on with it.

Our experts are ‘only as good as their last assignment’, so they have every motivation to deliver results consistently

4. Immediacy and flexibility

Business challenges – and opportunities – very often won’t wait. A few days can be “make or break”. At MA we can provide our clients with a consultant within 24 hours; that flexibility may be an advantage when the customer is hiring a permanent employee and need to wait for people to work out long notice periods before they join.

Our consultants can increase the client’s workforce in the short term,

without committing to long notice periods or potential difficulties should there be a need to downsize at some point in the future?

5. Managing crisis situations

When a challenging situation arises, people are often expected to drop everything even critical client appointments. But that often isn’t practical. In times of crises, MA Consulting can send an expert who’s dealt with similar situations before and will therefore be able to provide expert guidance, allowing the client to get on with their normal workload. Many management teams throw themselves completely into crisis control, neglecting other critical initiatives in the meantime. What they don’t realise is that there may be an opportunity to have the problem taken out of their hands. Of course, they’ll still need to be involved, but the comfort and clarity of having an expert assuming responsibility can certainly lessen the burden.

Our consultants deal with the crisis, the client’s workforce concentrate on day to day tasks

“Organisations that understand the five key dimensions as a framework are well positioned to utilise MA Consultants in a strategic way.”

Projects we worked on

The MA Consulting team has worked with many different clients on many different projects. The following examples illustrate how we can help you:

An electrical contractor whose turnover was declining, although he and his 12 staff were always busy, sought to contribute to re-invigorate the business and move it to the next level. We looked at the market and helped them to unlock their potential by focusing on their expertise in voice and data installation. The company now employs 60 people with a growing turnover and healthy profit.

A dynamic academic institution needed a strategy to drive commercial development without compromising its status of academic excellence. We helped them identify their core strengths and developed a plan with them that match what they have to offer against what the market wants.

The managing director of a niche property consultancy had ambitious plans to achieve substantial growth in the next five years. We assisted the client in developing his marketing strategy and a roadmap which focused on the steps he needed to take to achieve his goals.

We supported a new company to raise £70,000 on capital assets enabling them to create 20 new jobs;

Developed and Implemented a Turnaround Strategy in a Slovak company with a turnover of € 350 M and 4,000 people Results: reduced cost base by 30%, reduced Inventory by € 12 M, restructured Debts.

Turned around a £ 1.2 M turnover software company from a loss maker to a double-digit profit. The company was sold for £ 4 M three years later.

Prepared a succession plan for an air quality consultancy and proposed value enhancement initiatives amounting approximately to £ 400k on a present estimated value of £ 600k

What are our competencies?

MA Consulting skills reside in collaboration to succeed:


What are our consultants expert at?