Want to Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet? Five Top Tips from MA Consulting International

Is your business positioned to take on the competitive challenges of 2011? Consider these Five Top Tips from the MA Consulting team to help make 2011 your best year yet!

1. Create a clear strategic set of priorities and stick with them
List your company’s top priorities for 2011 and incorporate these into a well defined strategic plan that clearly identifies your goals and the steps needed to attain them. Make sure that you effectively communicate these to senior management to ensure that everyone understands your objectives and expectations of their role in accomplishing the goals set.

2. Establish monthly reviews to ensure continuous and improved performance
Productivity is the cornerstone of business success and yet we often keep on doing things the same way, without considering how the processes we implement can be improved and streamlined. To make your business more productive and to stay on target, schedule regular reviews of your business strategy and practices.

3. Focus on your customers and engage them in your marketing activity
Is your business losing customers or has your customer base changed? Try re-segmenting your customer base and consistently tailoring your marketing to their evolving needs. Support this with a proactive, coordinated social media policy to help engage and transform relationships with your customers via shared dialogues.

4. Leverage the cloud to improve your cash flow
The ever increasing scope of cloud-based software and services provides the opportunity for your business to enhance its product offering and enable more efficient and cost effective methods of product delivery. Since these services are “on demand” solutions, they can be quickly and affordably incorporated into your operations without adversely affecting your cash flow.

5. Engage and motivate your people
People are your company’s biggest asset. Recruit people for their skills and aptitude to learn news skills; give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and work as part of a project team focused on lean process improvement and business strategy; encourage their active involvement so that they stay engaged and motivated to contribute to the overall success of the business.

Take action today! Make 2011 a year of success and increased profits. Let the team at MA Consulting help you take those first steps. Call us on 0845 087 3288 or email us at enquiries@maconsultinginternational.com

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