The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company

In the current climate a lot of companies are experiencing critical cash shortages. I have therefore prepared a clear, concise guide: The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company which I believe will give inspiration and simple pointers for business owners needing to understand how to finance their enterprise. This FREE guide answers the following questions:

1. Is it the right time to seek financing?
2. Will the required financing be enough to meet the needs of the company?
3. Are the documents to support the financing request completed to high quality professional standards?
4. Does the company have an experienced and competent management team that can deliver against the strategies and plans?
5. Are the right financial instruments being investigated (utilised) and in conformity with all securities laws and regulations?
6. Are the right sources being approached?
7. Have all opportunities to release cash from the balance sheet been explored?
8. Is the optimum capital structure in place to sustain growth and allow for future capital raises, if they are required?
9. Is there an adequate cash management system in place to protect the money lent or invested into the company?
10. Will the company be able to afford the financing being sought?

If you would like to receive your FREE copy of The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company please click on the link here to leave us your name and email address and we will send it through to you promptly.


Interesting. What are the outcomes if readers get a hold of this?

Questions and Answers are just information to pass around. What I am hoping to get out of this would be a skill in which I can likely use for any situation (if any).

If you sign up to get the e-book you will know what to do in any situation

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