What is Outplacement?

We offer this service to people that are being made redundant or looking for a job. The service charges are usually included in the redundancy package or paid individually by the employee.

What are the benefits for you?

For the company:

It does sweeten the bitter feelings resented by employees when being made redundant.
We make sure the employee leaves the company on excellent terms.
It is National Insurance free

For the employee:

They find support to listen to their sorrow and help them to overcome their anger.
They will have a process to follow to help them to find a job quicker.
They will have access to a database of companies.
They will be accountable to us.

How do we deliver?

Outplacement is a 9 steps process to help people who have been made redundant or want to find a new job

1. We help you to Manage your mindset

To maintain a level of mental strength and emotional fitness is the foundation of any job search after redundancy.

During the first few days and weeks, you will naturally feel shocked, angry and sometimes in denial; it’s essential that you learn to develop a more positive mindset. It’s this mindset which provides you with the fuel and energy to push through with the following eight steps.

2. We Make sure you leave on excellent terms

In a tight market, it’s your network that you will lean on for help and support. Your ex-employers, ex-colleagues, clients and suppliers will know what you’re capable of more than most – and so they will always be the best people to recommend you to your contacts.

So it is critical that you leave a favourable impression when you leave. Regardless of the circumstances of your departure or how you feel about the decision, we will make sure that you handle yourself with total professionalism. Don’t complain and play the victim. If it’s feasible, hand over properly to your colleagues and inform your clients personally of your departure.

3. We help you to “Get clear about what you want.”

Do you want to continue in the same industry or change sectors? Do you want to stay in the same kind of role or is it time to make that career change that you’ve always wanted to do?

Losing your job could be the golden opportunity to make significant changes, so we help you to figure out what it is you want to do.

4. We help you to understand what you have to offer

With fewer roles and more people on the market, you need to have an edge to stand out.

So we help you to be totally clear about your unique talents and strengths, your values and natural style. Get clear on what value you have created for your clients, suppliers, and various employers and how that differentiates you from others in the marketplace.

5. We help you to develop a compelling marketing message

Once you know what you want to do and what you have to offer, get excellent at articulating a clear signal that draws in the right kind of opportunities while differentiating you from the rest of the crowd.

The message will include a punchy CV, a covering letter and your answer to the “so what do you do?” question at social functions.

6. We will make sure you “Get out in a big way.”

Once you have developed this clear message, your job is to get searching through multiple search channels: Agencies, HR recruiters, job boards, recruitment magazines, direct applications and of course your network.

Networking, in fact, should be the primary focus. During downturns, the cost of recruitment comes under scrutiny, so personal contacts and referrals will often be more efficient than using agencies.

In the new world of social media, we will help you to use platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to leverage your online network for suitable opportunities.

7. We will make sure you remain flexible

While it’s important to be clear about what you want, it’s also healthy to stay open-minded about what you’ll consider.

There may be all manner of roles, contingency, in-house, job sites, technology firms, training, consulting, which could use your skills.

Similarly, there may be self-employment opportunities that could be appropriate or international roles in the expanding markets of the Middle East and Asia.

You can never tell where an initial conversation could take you, so we will help you to keep an open mind and say “yes” to new opportunities.

8. We will make sure you keep up to date

Unless you plan on taking a sabbatical, it’s important to keep up to date with trends in both the world of your sphere of competences and news within your niche sector.

Keeping up to date helps you find new opportunities while also helping you impress when you go to interviews.

9. You will be accountable to us

It’s important to have people around you, not only for support but also to ensure that you stay focused, step outside your comfort zone and find your next role.


For the complete outplacement process using parts 1-9, we charge £3,000 per employee.

If you need just chat to discuss where you are and your next steps, we charge £150 per hour.

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