Do You Know How a Powerful Headline Can Transform Your Marketing?

How often have you been compelled to read a newspaper article or open an email only because the headline grabbed your attention? A powerful headline is an important marketing tool as it hooks the reader and makes them want to find out more. When that reader is your customer, a strong headline is an effective way to communicate the benefits of the products or services your business has to offer.

Here are 3 headline formulas you can try for yourself:

Research shows that question-based, or even better, problem-based headlines get far more attention than those that are statement-based as they force the brain to want to know more. For example, the title of this blog, or a headline such as “Do You Make these Common Mistakes on Your Tax Return?” are both provocative and arouse curiosity. They are compelling as they address a problem and potentially offer a solution. If you look at successful advertising campaigns, many of these are solution based!

Another powerful headline formula is the “How to….” factor. For example, “How to Make More Money from Home with Your PC” or “How to Stop Smoking in 30 days…. or Your Money back.” The more enticing the headline, the more attention it will attract.

Using “list” headlines is another way of arousing interest and reaching your target audience, for example “10 Ways to Beat the High cost of Living” and “The 5 Money Burning Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make…and How to Avoid Them” (….this one sounds familiar!!).

So get inside the brain of your customers, understand their needs and requirements, and strategically position your headlines for your niche audience. Start to write headlines which clearly demonstrate the benefits you offer, add power words such a “Free, Fast, Easy, How to” and see a transformation in your marketing!

If you are interested in receiving more marketing tips like this one, or would like to download a copy of the special report “The 5 Money Burning Marketing Mistakes…And How To Avoid Them” free of charge, then visit and complete the sign-up form.

Helen Murdoch is a senior partner at MA Consulting International, as well as founder and managing director at Helen Murdoch Marketing.

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