Do you have the skills needed to be a Digital Life Facilitator?

Digital Life refers to the new age of technology we currently live in and will live in for the foreseeable future. The democratisation of information brought about by advancing technologies and their convergence with the Internet has created a new Renaissance age, or “Renaissance 2.0”, and with it a whole new set of opportunities for communities (both inside and outside of business) to come together to accomplish specific goals.

With the advent of these communities a brand new role has developed – that of Digital Life Facilitator. The basic skills and talents required of a traditional facilitator are the same – the ability to stimulate discussion and to guide and nurture diverse views to understanding and consensus – but the tools and approach of the Digital Life Facilitator are vastly different.

Where traditional facilitators thrive in real-world face time interactions with a group (or groups) of disparate individuals who gather to discuss, debate and explore a given set of topics, the Digital Life Facilitator has to extend this interaction into the Digital Life world.

A Digital Life Facilitator has to be a multi-tasker. Critical to their role is the ability to keep abreast of social networks, micro-blogs, blogs, discussion boards, group instant messaging, web and video conferencing, and many other channels of communication and social media. It is essential for someone in this position to reach all participants – contributors, debaters and listeners alike – while concurrently keeping interaction and discussion moving at an engaging pace and on target.

An enhanced set of human skills, as well as a talent for seeing beneath the surface of a community’s responses and contributions, is required for the Digital Life Facilitator to intuitively sense the intent of all participants. In addition, being able to monitor and modulate their levels of engagement is crucial to encouraging their contributions towards a successful outcome. Finally, capturing, nurturing and leveraging spin-off ideas and threads into incremental community critical projects will ensure a facilitator’s success in this new Digital Life.

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