Social Media

How consumers have changed in the current economic climate and what it means for your business

Entrepreneurship guru Barry Moltz talks about outstanding customer service as “the only truly sustainable competitive advantage”. Customer / provider relationships evolve over time, so to seize the competitive edge you should be tuned in to current aspects of customer service, and be implementing them in a way appropriate to your business. Accenture’s annual Global Consumer Read More

Changing the way we work

At a macro level there are many factors which are bringing about a prevailing change in the world of business, politics and economics. We have of course had the recent change in the UK government, with the promise of a new politics from Cameron and Clegg. Amongst the challenges the government must face are evaluation Read More

Your customers are talking. Are you listening? The web can help you listen-in on your customers. What they say may surprise you.

Does it feel to you as though every way you turn you are reminded of the prevalence, relevance and importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM)? Does the fact it has a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) make you steel up inside? Let’s see if a few facts and figures can help soothe those nerves! Wikipedia defines Read More