Process Optimisation

Want to Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet? Five Top Tips from MA Consulting International

Is your business positioned to take on the competitive challenges of 2011? Consider these Five Top Tips from the MA Consulting team to help make 2011 your best year yet! 1. Create a clear strategic set of priorities and stick with them List your company’s top priorities for 2011 and incorporate these into a well Read More

Self Directed Work Teams – How to Nurture Them

In a previous article I related the factors which encouraged the development and progression of Self-Directed Work Teams (SDWT). It is likely that part progress may have been made in your own company from other-directed to self-directed teams. I haven’t yet been explicit in the benefits that SDWT bring to their parent organisation. These benefits Read More

Self Directed Work Teams – the continuum of other-directed to self-directed models

The concept of Self-Directed Work Teams (SDWT) arose during the late eighties to early nineties in response to performance pressures from world industrial leaders, such as Japan. SDWT are defined as groups of employees who have day to day responsibility for managing themselves and the work they do with a minimum of direct supervision, bringing Read More

Engaging Customers – Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

In a recent posting I looked at how Life Cycle Customer Support evolved through a partnership approach across all the stakeholders from the looming disaster at the outset of digital broadcasting here in the UK. Nowadays the tools of Life Cycle Customer Support include Call Centres, Customer Relations Management (CRM) software and Customer Engagement Strategies. Read More

“How Can We Help?” – Creating a Significant Competitive Advantage Through Life Cycle Customer Support

Is the old concept of ongoing service dead? Do Customer Support Centres exist as an impenetrable front? Are recognised problems fed back to improve the process which created them? Some of us remember the days when BT took complete care of the phone system. If you had a problem it was fixed by one call. Read More

Considering virtual working when the dust settles

I presented a blog post Virtual Working in the Real World on this site in February of this year.  That posting was set against the back drop of extreme winter weather in the UK.  Here in late April, as travel restrictions in relation to the Icelandic volcano are lifted, the sums are again being done on Read More

Risk Management – as relevant as ever in 2010

During the current Toyota maelstrom, I have paused to consider the accelerator pedal recall within the context of Risk Management. I had commented in an earlier blog post that many of Toyota’s top managers had become less adept at nurturing relationships, and more aligned to driving people towards financial targets. Profit had already suffered under Read More

Virtual Working in the Real World

In the recent spell of snowy weather, absenteeism reached up to 14% per day due to the extreme weather conditions, hitting the economy adversely to the tune of £0.5 billion per day. For a fair percentage of those unable to reach their place of employment, there was the chance to work from home. Some workers Read More

Risk Management – Can risk be positive or should it be left to chance?

Companies of every size and shape face a range of risks affecting the achievement of their objectives. With the globalisation of supply chains, in particular in the pharmaceuticals, electronics and food industries, there are a plethora of examples of where inadequate risk procedures have led to unfortunate outcomes. While “risk” is commonly regarded as negative Read More

Value Management and Fashions

During the past 20 years, I have supported businesses located across Europe and the USA through the journey of Value Management. These enterprises could be categorised as Start Ups, Stable Businesses and Radical Downsizers, and I would help deliver Value Management in a manner tailored to their lifestage. In the current economic climate, the priority Read More