An Investment Opportunity for a High-Tech Passionate

Are You Actually a High-Tech Passionate? MA Consulting International Adds Virtual/Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence to its Portfolio and offer an awesome Opportunity Industry Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality Stage: Technology Development Equity Stake: 20% Mezzanine Loan: Negotiable Investor participation: Welcomed Multiple Investors: Maximum four Amount Required: $ 220,000 in unit of $ 55,000 Skills Read More

Is cash an issue to fund your business growth?

In the current economic climate, SME’s cannot rely on banks or other financial institutions for providing them with cash injections when they need it. They need to be self-financing, as external funding is becoming more and more difficult to secure.  In this environment it is not unusual to be under pressure from your suppliers to Read More

Want to Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet? Five Top Tips from MA Consulting International

Is your business positioned to take on the competitive challenges of 2011? Consider these Five Top Tips from the MA Consulting team to help make 2011 your best year yet! 1. Create a clear strategic set of priorities and stick with them List your company’s top priorities for 2011 and incorporate these into a well Read More

The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company

In the current climate a lot of companies are experiencing critical cash shortages. I have therefore prepared a clear, concise guide: The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company which I believe will give inspiration and simple pointers for business owners needing to understand how to finance their enterprise. This FREE guide answers the following Read More

Is late payment a challenge for your business?

There are several up-to-date indicators tracked by organisations representing small and medium businesses which are trending positively, including order numbers and turnover. However, such indications of recovery for firms are being offset, and even overshadowed, by cash flow difficulties. New research puts a figure on the value of debt paid outside of stipulated terms and Read More

Value Management and Fashions

During the past 20 years, I have supported businesses located across Europe and the USA through the journey of Value Management. These enterprises could be categorised as Start Ups, Stable Businesses and Radical Downsizers, and I would help deliver Value Management in a manner tailored to their lifestage. In the current economic climate, the priority Read More