Exit planning

How to plan an effective exit strategy for your business?

We have seen in previous articles that   transitioning out of the business is inevitable, so any business owner should be prepared and should follow a rigorous multi-disciplinary process: Defining objectives: the mission-critical step If you talk to an investment banker about your thoughts for the future of your business when you want to exit he Read More

How to develop an effective exit strategy

Understanding the importance of effective and early planning We said in the introduction to this series that every business owner will have to face an exit strategy at least once in his life. Many owner-managers put in a lifetime of hard work building their business only to throw away some of the rewards by failing Read More

Introduction to the series on Exit planning Strategies

Every business owner will have to face at a point of time the transition of ownership and the succession of management of his/ her business. This is the most difficult challenges that they will ever encounter.  Business owners have devoted their lives to their business and suddenly they have to decide what will become of Read More

Would you want to sell your business at its maximum Value?

What would a potential  buyer look for? Personal Factors 1. Motivation of the Owner(s)        Any potential buyer will be interested in the motive for the owners of the business to sell.They will be interested in what has brought the owners to this point?  Buying and selling a business is a very emotive decision and Read More

Leaving a Legacy: Entry Level Exit Planning

With an emergency budget in the UK set for 22nd June, analysts are anticipating an increase in Capital Gains Tax as part of the new Government’s measures to reduce the budget deficit. For business owners looking to sell their businesses this is another factor to be considered as they weigh up the costs involved in Read More

MA Value Add

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: MA Value Add View more OpenOffice presentations from delartigue.