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Top 5 factors to keep high morale in your business,

Factor number 1 The organization needs to be strategically aligned. You have to create a management system that will mobilize all your people, channelling their energy and abilities, encouraging them to share their specific knowledge with others, outside and inside the organization, to fulfil the company mission. The first task would be to understand in Read More

Top 5 factors to keep high morale in your business

In the current climate we are bound to look for cost savings, as revenues at best are stagnating or reducing. Those cost cutting exercises most of the time end up in redundancies or reduced worked hours with lower salaries, requiring people to do more with less, so it is very difficult to keep the morale Read More

Change is accelerating can your business adapts quickly enough?

The Internet facilitated technologies convergence, and people collaborative behaviours creating changes at an unprecedented rate. People requirements are now driving technology changes when in the 1990’s technologies were driving people behavioural changes. Consumption patterns are shifting dramatically and social networking is changing and reinforcing behavioural shifts but businesses are not embracing the digital world quickly Read More

"If You Want Your Employees Go the Extra Miles Reward Them More”

 Low performers love to be treated the same as high performers, in contrast High performers feel it is unfair. Unfortunately most rewards systems are designed to make sure everybody is levelled. If you want to get more work and better work out of every employee you would have to reward their performance fairly and individually. Read More

Is cash an issue to fund your business growth?

In the current economic climate, SME’s cannot rely on banks or other financial institutions for providing them with cash injections when they need it. They need to be self-financing, as external funding is becoming more and more difficult to secure.  In this environment it is not unusual to be under pressure from your suppliers to Read More

Is Mobility the Critical Missing Aspect of your Business Strategy?

You may wonder about this question – and more significantly the answer! If you haven’t grasped the fact that methods of communication are rapidly changing, you’re overlooking one of the most fundamental shifts occurring in the global market at this time – one that is radically reshaping your industry’s business models. We live in a Read More

More Great Tips to Boost your Business from Top Marketing Consultant, Helen Murdoch

Has your website replaced your brochure at the heart of your marketing? If so, it’s even more critical that you lead visitors to your website in the direction you want them to go. Follow my simple marketing tips and lead the way…! 1. Have a Clear MWA and Strong Call to Action MWA is your Read More

Bridging the Boardroom Gender Gap

Continuing the theme of our last blog, even though women make up nearly half the working population in many regions around the world, they are not being given a voice in one of the most influential areas of corporate life – the boardroom. Lord Davies has just published a government report on the lack of Read More

Equality for Women – Enabling Work / Life Balance

Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day with events taking place worldwide. The theme this year is “Equal access to education, training and science and technology: pathway to decent work for women”. This prompts me to reconsider the age long question of equality for women in the workplace, an issue of debate throughout Read More

U.K.’s Internet Economy – how connected is it?

It’s been well documented that the Internet has become a platform for innovation, economic growth and social communication, and we all recognise that it’s now an integral part of our social and economic lives. Not many of us are aware, however, of the full scope and impact of this rapidly growing sector of the U.K. Read More