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Is Mobility the Critical Missing Aspect of your Business Strategy?

You may wonder about this question – and more significantly the answer! If you haven’t grasped the fact that methods of communication are rapidly changing, you’re overlooking one of the most fundamental shifts occurring in the global market at this time – one that is radically reshaping your industry’s business models. We live in a Read More

U.K.’s Internet Economy – how connected is it?

It’s been well documented that the Internet has become a platform for innovation, economic growth and social communication, and we all recognise that it’s now an integral part of our social and economic lives. Not many of us are aware, however, of the full scope and impact of this rapidly growing sector of the U.K. Read More

Are there clouds on your horizon?

What is cloud computing? For the man in the street the concept can seem to be as nebulous as its name! Cloud computing is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in technology even though it has been around for a while. It is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over Read More

Can your business be WikiLeaks proof?

Forbes magazine just published a scoop interview with Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame, where he identifies that his next focus, for what he describes as “Megaleaks”, will be big business. WikiLeaks is no stranger to exposing corporate wrong doing and Julian Assange justifies this when he says: “WikiLeaks means it’s easier to run a good Read More

Recognise the Value of your Social Media Strategy

Studies indicate that an increasing number of businesses are in the early stages of adopting social media. Many of these, however, are not quite sure what to do with their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, or how to measure their effectiveness. In a challenging economic climate, when companies are focused on cash flow, management may Read More

Should the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) be concerned about HR creating “brand terrorists”?

In this global recession, when millions have lost their jobs and are seeking new employment, how many times have you heard the complaint that people apply online for a job with a reputable global company and never hear back? They go to the website, submit their resume and it disappears into the bowels of the Read More