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More Great Tips to Boost your Business from Top Marketing Consultant, Helen Murdoch

Has your website replaced your brochure at the heart of your marketing? If so, it’s even more critical that you lead visitors to your website in the direction you want them to go. Follow my simple marketing tips and lead the way…! 1. Have a Clear MWA and Strong Call to Action MWA is your Read More

Are you struggling to communicate effectively? Follow UK marketing consultant Helen Murdoch’s 5 simple tips and watch your business grow…

1. Write to Just One Person How often have you received a letter or an email, or landed on a website and felt as if the writer is addressing a crowd of people, instead of just you – don’t make the same mistake. Think about what specific group of people you’re trying to reach and Read More

“Want 5 simple tips on how to retain your customers?” asks UK marketing consultant Helen Murdoch

It’s never been easy to find new customers – and in the current economic climate it’s becoming all too easy to lose them! With the pace of technological change in the business world and the ease of communication via social media channels, it’s becoming even easier for your customers to be lured by the competition Read More

Plan your 2011 marketing now … don’t leave it to chance, says UK marketing consultant Helen Murdoch

Another 9 days and then it’s Christmas! Does that set you in a panic, or are you in control with a list of things to do, people to see and places to go? In a panic? It’s not too late to start planning … With a plan in place for your Christmas preparations, the next Read More

Do You Know How a Powerful Headline Can Transform Your Marketing?

How often have you been compelled to read a newspaper article or open an email only because the headline grabbed your attention? A powerful headline is an important marketing tool as it hooks the reader and makes them want to find out more. When that reader is your customer, a strong headline is an effective Read More

What Is Networlding About?

Do you want to know more about Networlding and the UK Bootcamp in October? I asked Melissa (Giovagnoli Wilson – founder of Networlding) to tell us more.Click play to hear what Melissa has to say Interview with Melissa Giovagnoli by MAConsulting Or read her answers to my questions – there are lots of examples to Read More

What is Networlding all about?

Want to know more about Networlding and the UK Networlding Bootcamp in October in Stratford? Listen to my interview with Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson, founder of Networlding. Melissa created the seven-step Networlding process to help you create meaningful and productive relationships – and has helped thousands of people to get great results for almost 2 decades. Read More

Is The Academic World Switched On To Social Networking?

Social media and social networking are certainly amongst today’s most talked about topics. Whilst it may be an exaggeration to say that everyone is constantly tweeting, blogging or checking their Facebook page, there is an ever-increasing number of people who are. The business world is beginning to embrace this new media with some degree of Read More

Breaking Down Boundaries – Connecting, Creating and Collaborating For Success

Is your organisation stuck in a ‘silo’ mentality? Do you find it a challenge to communicate across or between departments? Are people protective about the knowledge they have or reluctant to share information? You are certainly not alone. As a business grows and matures it seems to be almost impossible to avoid building these artificial Read More

From Casual Conversations to Productive Relationships

Networking is recognised as a key business skill, but often elicits a sigh from even the most senior and experienced professional. “Yes, yes, I know the ability to build and maintain business relationships is critical, but networking just doesn’t work.” A common response, I’m sure you’ll agree. For many, networking is a daunting prospect. Entering Read More