Monthly Archives: December 2010

Do you have the skills needed to be a Digital Life Facilitator?

Digital Life refers to the new age of technology we currently live in and will live in for the foreseeable future. The democratisation of information brought about by advancing technologies and their convergence with the Internet has created a new Renaissance age, or “Renaissance 2.0”, and with it a whole new set of opportunities for Read More

Plan your 2011 marketing now … don’t leave it to chance, says UK marketing consultant Helen Murdoch

Another 9 days and then it’s Christmas! Does that set you in a panic, or are you in control with a list of things to do, people to see and places to go? In a panic? It’s not too late to start planning … With a plan in place for your Christmas preparations, the next Read More

Do You Know How a Powerful Headline Can Transform Your Marketing?

How often have you been compelled to read a newspaper article or open an email only because the headline grabbed your attention? A powerful headline is an important marketing tool as it hooks the reader and makes them want to find out more. When that reader is your customer, a strong headline is an effective Read More

Can your business be WikiLeaks proof?

Forbes magazine just published a scoop interview with Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame, where he identifies that his next focus, for what he describes as “Megaleaks”, will be big business. WikiLeaks is no stranger to exposing corporate wrong doing and Julian Assange justifies this when he says: “WikiLeaks means it’s easier to run a good Read More