Monthly Archives: November 2010

Recognise the Value of your Social Media Strategy

Studies indicate that an increasing number of businesses are in the early stages of adopting social media. Many of these, however, are not quite sure what to do with their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, or how to measure their effectiveness. In a challenging economic climate, when companies are focused on cash flow, management may Read More

Is Your Company Structured for Change?

The business environment has changed radically in the last decade and the next ten years will almost definitely bring even more radical changes. Is your company fully prepared to keep up with these fast paced changes and in a position to compete against potentially stronger, more forward thinking rivals? If not, now is the time Read More

Should the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) be concerned about HR creating “brand terrorists”?

In this global recession, when millions have lost their jobs and are seeking new employment, how many times have you heard the complaint that people apply online for a job with a reputable global company and never hear back? They go to the website, submit their resume and it disappears into the bowels of the Read More