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Exclusive Networlding Bootcamp

                                                        “I generated over $100,000 of potential revenue in 90 days” Discover How You Can Use This 7 Step Process To Power  Your Social Networking Wednesday, 20 October 2010 – Stratford-Upon-Avon Are you a director, business owner or entrepreneur? Do you want to: Stop feeling overwhelmed by social media? Access the hidden power of your Read More

What Is Networlding About?

Do you want to know more about Networlding and the UK Bootcamp in October? I asked Melissa (Giovagnoli Wilson – founder of Networlding) to tell us more.Click play to hear what Melissa has to say Interview with Melissa Giovagnoli by MAConsulting Or read her answers to my questions – there are lots of examples to Read More

What is Networlding all about?

Want to know more about Networlding and the UK Networlding Bootcamp in October in Stratford? Listen to my interview with Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson, founder of Networlding. Melissa created the seven-step Networlding process to help you create meaningful and productive relationships – and has helped thousands of people to get great results for almost 2 decades. Read More

Is The Academic World Switched On To Social Networking?

Social media and social networking are certainly amongst today’s most talked about topics. Whilst it may be an exaggeration to say that everyone is constantly tweeting, blogging or checking their Facebook page, there is an ever-increasing number of people who are. The business world is beginning to embrace this new media with some degree of Read More

Breaking Down Boundaries – Connecting, Creating and Collaborating For Success

Is your organisation stuck in a ‘silo’ mentality? Do you find it a challenge to communicate across or between departments? Are people protective about the knowledge they have or reluctant to share information? You are certainly not alone. As a business grows and matures it seems to be almost impossible to avoid building these artificial Read More

From Casual Conversations to Productive Relationships

Networking is recognised as a key business skill, but often elicits a sigh from even the most senior and experienced professional. “Yes, yes, I know the ability to build and maintain business relationships is critical, but networking just doesn’t work.” A common response, I’m sure you’ll agree. For many, networking is a daunting prospect. Entering Read More