Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company

In the current climate a lot of companies are experiencing critical cash shortages. I have therefore prepared a clear, concise guide: The Ten Basic Rules for Financing Your Company which I believe will give inspiration and simple pointers for business owners needing to understand how to finance their enterprise. This FREE guide answers the following Read More

Self Directed Work Teams – How to Nurture Them

In a previous article I related the factors which encouraged the development and progression of Self-Directed Work Teams (SDWT). It is likely that part progress may have been made in your own company from other-directed to self-directed teams. I haven’t yet been explicit in the benefits that SDWT bring to their parent organisation. These benefits Read More

How consumers have changed in the current economic climate and what it means for your business

Entrepreneurship guru Barry Moltz talks about outstanding customer service as “the only truly sustainable competitive advantage”. Customer / provider relationships evolve over time, so to seize the competitive edge you should be tuned in to current aspects of customer service, and be implementing them in a way appropriate to your business. Accenture’s annual Global Consumer Read More