Monthly Archives: May 2010

Leaving a Legacy: Entry Level Exit Planning

With an emergency budget in the UK set for 22nd June, analysts are anticipating an increase in Capital Gains Tax as part of the new Government’s measures to reduce the budget deficit. For business owners looking to sell their businesses this is another factor to be considered as they weigh up the costs involved in Read More

“How Can We Help?” – Creating a Significant Competitive Advantage Through Life Cycle Customer Support

Is the old concept of ongoing service dead? Do Customer Support Centres exist as an impenetrable front? Are recognised problems fed back to improve the process which created them? Some of us remember the days when BT took complete care of the phone system. If you had a problem it was fixed by one call. Read More

Changing the way we work

At a macro level there are many factors which are bringing about a prevailing change in the world of business, politics and economics. We have of course had the recent change in the UK government, with the promise of a new politics from Cameron and Clegg. Amongst the challenges the government must face are evaluation Read More