Monthly Archives: January 2010

What makes leaders special?

Leaders are special people. Within business, effective leadership has proven results, from the release of employees’ potential, to improved bottom line financial performance. Leaders can be pivotal to organisational change, pushing back boundaries and creating new ways of working. Leadership is very much about the ability to influence people by personal attributes and behaviours: skills Read More

MA Opportunity Snapshot Report

At MA Consulting we have developed a range of tools and processes to help our clients to effectively plot the direction of their businesses.  The starting point for these is a business diagnostic report, the MA Opportunity Snapshot. Your Opportunity Snapshot Report: is independent and objective; gives you an overview of your business in the Read More

Priceless Motivation – Several ways to motivate your staff without the need for a pay rise

In the challenging business environment of 2010, it is important for the success of an organisation to motivate its employees to use their full talents. It’s worth considering your company’s strategy and approach to motivation: getting this right and having positive motivation philosophy and practice in place leads to improved productivity, quality and service. There Read More